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Project Description

Hello All!,

Here I build some cool SQL Server Quick tool, to make you lifes much eisier, on every day work..

Those tools built in C# using SQL Server SMO (10.5) tools, for each tool i atached the source code of the tool, so if you think you able to implement it to your need you are most welcomed...

If you got Qeustions\Ideas\Other staff you Are more then welcome to mail me at:

If you want to help develop such cool staf, you can do the folowing:

  • Dwonload
  • Test
  • Discass (or send mail) or open Issue


SQL Server Quick Tools Pack, several tools bounded together enable you to do things more easeyer your sql server

Aviable Quick Tools:

Soon will be come:

  • Quick Server Config Scripter
  • Quick SQL Monitor

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